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 We are the Truffle Hunters and the Sellers

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To ensure freshness, we deliver the truffles directly to your kitchen in New York and Los Angeles areas or ship these products overnight anywhere in US

 White and Black Truffles from Transylvania

The aroma of fresh truffles will fill a room with heavenly scent. In this wild area, truffles are found in deciduous and pine forests. They are sold to high-end restaurants abroad especially in United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.  Are you a restaurant owner or a store? Order truffles here


Tuber Uncinatum

These truffles are known as the black diamonds of the culinary world. The most appreciated truffles in the world come from Romania, France and Italy. Our fresh black truffles come from Transylvania region and are prized all over the world for their unique quality and great taste…

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Tuber Magnatum Pico

September marks the beginning of white truffles season, the time of year when these rare white truffles mushrooms are showered on dishes, meaning luxury to even the most jaded palates. They are worth their weight in gold because of their unforgettable aroma and intense flavor…

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Dava Truffles Team

Felix, a Trufolao (Truffle Hunter) from the western part of Romania, sets out on expeditions at the end of each summer along with his team and accompanied by his purebred Brac and Lagotto dogs named Emma, Oscar, Fritz and Aki. In United States Truffles are held in high esteem…

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