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Cashback: How it works

How it works:

For this cash back to work, YOU have to be an INSIDER into a restaurant business, in other words you have to work into a restaurant, own/manage a restaurant, or have the capability to sell directly to a restaurant.

Start a simulation (here) to see how much money you can get. Higher quantity and price gives you the best values of cash back.

Once you submit the cash back simulation, you will receive an email/ phone call from us to confirm that you can proceed further:


Step 1: Come to us and take the truffles that you are sure you can sell. No guaranty required, just a valid ID. Our address: 207A Front St, New York, NY 10038

Step 2: Sell the truffles to your restaurant. We make the invoice and you pick up the check payable to Terra Uniqa LLC.

Step 3: Bring us the check and pick up your CASH.


This works very simple in benefit of everyone.

Cashback how it works

Cashback how it works

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