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Get to know Dava Truffles

post_companyIt operates in US under the partnership with DAVA Truffles, which has been founded by Felix B. in 2003.

Dava Truffles supplies the United States  fine dining establishments with the highest quality of black and white truffles from the old, unpolluted forests of Romania.

Felix and Dan have a distinct approach to attain ultimate level of customer satisfaction.

Especially in demand this season is the decadent Tuber Magnatum Pico, also known as the white truffle. Mostly hailing from parts of Romania, France and Italy, truffles have made their way to the Big Apple and the City Of Angels. We simply offer you these earth diamonds through Dava Truffles.

Felix, a Trufolao (truffle hunter) from the western part of Romania, sets out on expeditions, at the end of each summer, together with his team and accompanied by his purebred Brac and Lagotto dogs, named Emma, Oscar, Fritz, Oscar, Aida and Aki.

The team of Dava Truffles armed with a Zapetta, a special shovel for digging out truffles, digs relentlessly. Their effort suggests as eloquently as possible the meaning of a dry summer for a truffle hunter. This truffle needs consistent rainfall throughout the summer for it to reach maturity and an optimal volume by late autumn, at harvest.

Dava Truffles started selling white and black truffles about ten years ago in Germany, Italy and now expanding in United States. Our direct approach is to win a loyal clientele, to attract head chefs who design the menu around the finest products available today and built a good reputation.

The unique quality of our truffles is well recognized by best fine dining restaurants around the world. Felix guides his life by an obsessive dream, shared by his entire team: to discover a gigantic truffle…

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